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“”It always gets sorted”

Holtrop Van Der Vlist have been a client since day one, ever since we started in 2002.

Extra Services has provided Certified Transport Controllers (Pilots) for Holtrop Van Der Vlist in Assen. The specialist in special and heavy transportation, known for its Orange trucks, currently has 85 vehicles on the road of which 25 are in the Netherlands. “They mainly carry pile drivers and earth-moving machines”, explains Wout Bremer. His role means that he has almost daily contact with Extra Services and ?? values the collaboration. “You could say that there is complete trust. And that’s very important, because we often have to make changes at the last minute. Then we ring them up with an urgent job, and they say, sure thing! It always gets sorted, it always works”, says Bremer, who also appreciates a bit humour when working with them. “Our work can be stressful, so it’s good to be able to have a laugh now and then”.

Wout Bremer
Planner Holtrop Van der Vlist 

“It reassures drivers”

We can tackle anything with Extra Services and work with them to our complete satisfaction”, begins operations manager Gertjan Schuiteman from Mammoet. The company in IJsselstein provides the heavy transport specialist with Certified Transport Controllers every week. “They need few instructions and the word “no” doesn’t exist, just like with us,” explains Schuiteman. The flexibility is important because it is sometimes difficult to plan with special transportation. “You think that a crane’s going to be ready for transport at 5 o’clock, but work can run over,” is Schuiteman’s experience. “What is also important is that their Certified Transport Controllers are always on time. It reassures drivers and it’s one less worry for the planners.” Super extra service for years!

Gertjan Schuiteman
Operations manager Mammoet Nederland 

“Good communication”

Extra Services also provides Certified Transport Controllers and Permits for clients abroad. One of those is Amstaf d.o.o. in Slovenia. “Extra Services has been our partner for the Netherlands and Belgium since 2012. The team is extremely professional and always comes up with a solution if there’s an obstacle. If we need anything, they’re there. It is very reliable partner for Certified Transport Controllers and Permits. Communication is always good, the team is friendly, positive and always prepared to answer our questions and explain things. In short, it’s a pleasure to do business with them. We’re convinced that this is a good relationship that’s going to last.

Barbara Krasnic
Amstaf d.o.o. Slovenië 


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