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Transport escorts

Whatever kind of Abnormal or Heavy Transport you need to carry out, Extra Services in IJsselstein can take care of the transport escorting for you. Our certified specialists either know the way or have the expertise to find it, in the Netherlands or further afield. Our escort vehicles are equipped and marked to comply with the requirements of the country in question.

Extra Services in IJsselstein has been providing Pilots for Abnormal Loads since 2002. We have a national network of Certified Transport Controllers with which we can almost always find a flexible answer for escorting your Abnormal Load. Our strength is the enormous amount of experience we have, precise knowledge of the road network and extremely motivated personnel who are professionally equipped. Extra Services is active all over Europe and in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France in particular. If you'd like to find out more about us, get in touch with Sylvia Rebergen-Jongstra or Jelmer Jongstra.

+31 (0)30 687 64 71


As a Haulier, you need a Permit for the movement of your Abnormal Loads. Extra Services understands the requirements of the Dutch Road Traffic Act [Wegenverkeerswet] and can apply for a permit from the Dutch Vehicle and Driving Licence Registration Authority [Rijksdienst voor het Wegverkeer or RDW]. Once you are in possession of the Permit your vehicle is then authorized to travel over the designated route.


Safety above all else, that's why Extra Services can support you with a broad range of Safety services. From Certified Traffic Controllers for construction projects to location security, including Dog Handlers, we're there for you!


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