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About us

Extra Services: people make the difference

Extra Services in IJsselstein was established in 2002 by Sylvia Rebergen to meet the demand for flexible escorting of Abnormal Loads (Convoi Exceptionnel). From day one, we offer clients a very high level of service in the area of Pilots and Permits.

Our approach: a promise is a promise, up-to-date knowledge of the road network and legislation, doing business at a personal level and a hands-on mentality. We support clients by finding a solution for every challenge. And because we have a national network of Certified Transport Controllers (Pilots), fast deployment is always possible.

What is also important is that Certified Transport Controllers can always be reached and they maintain good contact with drivers from start to finish. Our people make all the difference, they ensure optimum collaboration for a safe and flexible journey. Our package of services have expanded over the years in the area of Permits and Safety.

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